TV Framing Great Design

Some 8 years ago, we worked in a special project for Peter Rosbeck at Bel Lago in Ocala FL

Out of all the interesting jobs and ideas this one stands out as one of the coolest.

Yesterday was the first time in 8 years that we get a call to fix it, All it was a tape glue that smear a little that the roller did not go down all the way and prevented the system to roll down all the way and stop.

Since we developed the combination of Digital Tech and Built Solid. Custom jobs come and go to do remodels in homes, and every once in a while they become real inventive projects like this one.

So if you have something in mind, we might be able to make it a reality.

It has an amp consumption sensor that triggers when the TV turns on, and an Infra Red signal repeater to send the remote commands inside the box and control the TV.

Once we found the correct  motor that lifted the screen, this setup has lasted 8 years, up and down every day. The custom built frame and paint job had nothing to envy top of the line frames, it juts had to be custom made to fit all the electronics inside the frame

IR repeater -

Motor -

Current sensor circuit -

Just the sensor -

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