Net Neutrality – Easy Explanation

What is it and who can define it? Not me. But recently Burger King posted a video with an explanation. 


Even after the video I made a bit of reading, and it seems even more confusing. The video show that the neutrality bill was repealed. What does that mean?

What I got from it

As far as I understand the consumer, the one navigating the internet, will have more and better choices due to competition, the video shows the consumer having to pay more for that, but really what company would survive if they do that.

When competition comes in, you go for the better service/price period. In that case is good because you can step out of Burger King and go to McDonalds for a faster service.

The Consequences

The problem I see is that those of us, who are starting a business and want to produce content, will have to pay major money so our webpage, video or content in general,  be provided to you, the end user, as fast as a facebook, google, or any other major website.

So if I am not mistaken, very soon, this webpage will take a bit longer to load in your computer, tablet or phone, "IF" I (the content producer) don't "upgrade my service" even though you (the reader, web browsing individual) have a good "speed" service plan. -Sorry I can't afford a faster "plan" to provide my services. -

If my content speed is bad compared to "big" content providers, you eventually get tired and move to a faster "big" company paying the faster speed for their readers.


From NYTimes

"Critics... said there isn’t enough competition in the broadband market to trust that the companies will try to offer the best services. The rule changes, they believe, give providers incentive to begin charging websites to reach consumers." -NY Times 

“If we don’t have net neutrality protections that enforce tenets of fairness online, you give internet service providers the ability to choose winners and losers,” Steve Huffman, chief executive of Reddit, said in an interview. “This is not hyperbole.” -NY Times 

Burger King Video about net neutrality

Well this is just a thought



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