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FLIR One Pro Vs Seek Pro – Phone Thermal Cameras

I’ve been looking at these 2 cameras for a while, now finally got the chance to test them and here…

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USB Headset Noise Cancelling Microphone Tests

In previous post we dealt with multiple people enjoying one connection, in this one we tested several USB headphones required…

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How To Improve Online Meetings With Better Audio

The entire world has turned to online living, and the grand majority people are now using some type of video…

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Best Phone Case

We get all kinds of questions and one that that I asked my self many times is… What is the…

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How to Improve your Zoom Meetings

1. Things you can do that you already have. If you are hosting a meeting or you are the speaker,…

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What drone to buy

Drones have become the new tool, camera and “toy” everyone wants, but which one?

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Motorized ball valve – How to

This is a motorized ball valve And the main difference to a solenoid valve is that and actual ball seals…

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Baby Boomers and Drones

No matter your age or ability, you can fly a drone! And you immediately say: “not me, no way!” –…

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RODE MIC for your phone

Get the right music for your videos and ads – Epidemic How to connect a Microphone to your phone The…

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Variable Desk

Do you have an home office? Plenty of desk work? Variable desks designs are becoming better and better, here is…

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Video Editing

Social media post are getting better and better, from your vacations post to your work advertising, you need to step up and post quality content, we can help with your advertising, your Youtube channel, LinkdIn, Instagram, Facebook and more. 

Photography for Real Estate and Business

You need professional photography to make the right statement for your listing or company, online or in a brochure. Contact us so we can discuss your possibilities

Business and Listings Websites

We create and manage professional websites for your business, helping you create the content along with the professional photography and produce a great business front. Contact us to discuss your expectations and ideas.


2 and 3 Dimensional Floor Plans

A property layout will give your future client a 2D or 3D or dollhouse view of your property. It will give the concept of the property to the potential buyer giving you more tools to include in your display


We Want To Help You!

A mayor part of any business regardless of what it is, has an online department, whether is an entire team or just you at night working overtime to make it happen.

Is our goal to help you achieve the look and feel you desire and translate you view into an online experience, in conjunction with professional photography to give the best impression of your business and make your clients feel the quality service they are receiving is the best.

If you have other ideas, suggestions or needs, please don't hesitate to write to us and ask anything, what ever you ask - we can, if we can not do it - it does not exist, and  if it does not exist... we will create it for you.


Go ahead, leave us a message 🙂

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