What drone to buy

Drones have become the new tool, camera and "toy" everyone wants, but which one? you ask.

Back in May 2019 and April 2018, past post Baby Boomers and Drones and Anyone Can Successfully Fly a Drone

show a fast overview of the intuitive and easy way to fly a drone, if you get the right one.

So I will start with the lowest price you want to get, anything lower is basically to throw away really soon, and then increaser the price to the one I got, great for all occasions, anything more than that is for professionals.

Tello Drone

Tiny built with a punch, can hover in place like no other tha size, with a non stabilized camera, 1080 resolution, not the best, but great to fly and have fun as a toy.

Great for children to learn to code, has a nice interface to learn how to program and make the drone move with instructions. ($100 the drone alone, $150 kiit with batteries is what you end up buying so migh as well and get the kit)

DJI Mavic Mini

The latest of DJI drones, came out as a response to the regulation that drones over 250 grams have to be registered. so this one weights 249 g. with the battery included, hence you don't have to register.

Good camera with stabilization, not 4K but almost, is a 2.7K video camera and smaller that a large iPhone. With up to 30 minutes with one battery, and has many nice features to fly by itself, take dronies  and other  complex shots that otherwise would be almost if not impossible to get them right.

Has no collision avoidance but hovers really nice, and as with any other DJI drone, super easy to fly, don't do anything stupid and should last you a lifetime.

$400 basic model, but again, you really want the batteries, go for the bundle $600

DJI Mavic Air

This is when you legally have to register your drone, not a big deal really, just go to the FAA website here and follow the instructions.

This one has a 4K camera, and front and rear collision avoidance, a bit bigger than large iPhone but you can still carry it in your jacket pocket and each battery will give you up to 20 minutes of flight time.

Basic price is $900 on the website, but because the mini came out, you can find it on amazon for less that $800 and the "flymore" combo for less than $1000

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

And to end this post, not showing ALL the possibilities but narrowing down to just your budget. This one you also have to register just go to the FAA website here and follow the instructions.

The best drone you want to get is this one, anything better is too much if you are not a professional.

Is the biggest of them all, with 30 minutes of flight time per battery, is super incredible stable even with some 20 mph winds it remain in the same position very solid.

The best part is that is has all the collision sensors you want, the side collision sensors only work in the automated flight modes, but the rest (up, down, back and forward) you are protected, again if you don't do anything stupid any of this drones should take of by the click of a button and hover awaiting for your command.

The camera is a great 4K with 4MP photos and 2X optical zoom and is the quietest of them all.  I said the biggest in size, but is under 1000 grams (2.2 lbs.) when fully opened is 14" diagonal, and 8.5 inches long folded, in reality that is still a very small drone.

It starts @ $1400, but yet again you will want the batteries so get the bundle and there are many different bundles to choose from in Amazon. So make sure you get at least 2 more batteries.

Great Shot of Mavic Pro

What drone to buy

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Drones have become the new tool, camera and “toy” everyone wants, but which one?

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