Baby Boomers and Drones

Sait Petersburg Beach

No matter your age or ability, you can fly a drone!

And you immediately say: "not me, no way!" - Well in short, the answer is yes you can. Every single person I have allowed to fly my drone, yes, my drone, every single one answers the same, but in less than 2 minutes they are in awe that they are flying the drone by themselves, and then a big "ooooh I see why you said is true".

Drones have come a long way, competition always drives to better development and competition, but in the drone world there is a company that blew everyone else out,

every time some company comes with something "new" - a week later DJI come out with something 10 X better.


Drone for a while and easy to fly with all the features you want?

Mavic 2 Zoom

Simple instructions in this video.
Do you want a more detailed video? - email me - - I am thinking about doing one - drone for dummies -
if I get request for it I'll do it
Get the right music for your videos and ads - Epidemic

It took me a while to choose this one, the other choice I had was the Mavic 2 pro.


Main differences -

just the camera. - the Mavic 2 Pro has a Hasselblad and increased sensitivity in low light - but NO ZOOM -

I had the Mavic Pro (first Mavic) and very happy with the camera, now the Mavic 2 zoom has an optical zoom, not digital, IT'S GREAT, and even though I want to consider myself as a pro photographer, I am not going to print a poster  to be reviewed by professionals, so in my non pro opinion, the quality of the photo and video is just wonderful.

That it, that's why I chose the zoom over the Mavic 2 Pro.

Everything else is the same, sensors, computers, duration, built quality etc.

This drone is built to last. If you are careful and fly without taking risks -  flying too far, or were you can't see the drone. - it should last a long time for you. use it at least once a month, to maintain batteries in good shape.


Here is the email I sent to the gentleman on the beach that learned to fly in 2 minutes.

Hello ######.

This is what I had on the beach. - Mavic 2 Zoom
I also had a bag.
With at least 1 more battery, I would by 2.
With a set of filters like this one -
But I only use a polarizer like this one -
And if you buy and have all 3 batteries, there is this charger - - that is better than the original because it charges all batteries at once instead of charging one a t a time.
Let me know if you have any questions.

SO -  YES you can fly a drone - is an amazing piece of engineering that you will enjoy for a long time. If you want a smaller one, practical for travels, try the Mavic Air,

barely the size of a large smart phone, as stable as the Mavic Pro zoom, bot no zoom, and not all the anti collision sensors. just front and back.

If you are investing in a nice toy to enjoy, get the ZOOM and 2 batteries. Done.

Questions - better email me directly

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