What every Realtor should have today

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1. One you have, but needs improvement

Most likely you already take your own photos for your listings, but getting great photos could be done with something a little better than your phone. A camera like the SONY a6000, gives you the versatility of a pro camera, but has a beautiful setting for taking HDR* photos like a pro.

It automatically takes 3 shots, one over exposed, one underexpose, and a good exposed photo, in your photos folder you will get 2 files, the regular and the combination of the other 2 into a HDR photo. the shadows will look brighter and the highlights won’t be overexposed.

*true your phone does this already, but not to the extent of the Sony.

2. A little bit of effort goes a long way

The second one is iMovie or similar if you don't have apple products ( and yes I am an Apple guy).

If you just take photos, a slideshow app might be ok, but you are selling a real property, even cars that cost as much get better photoshoots. why are you treating your listing as a kids play with a phone camera and  slideshow app.

iMovie Logo

iMovie, will have the settings and ease of use to move the photo animation the way you want to. standard music or even your own. Super easy to add title and information.

Would be even better to jump into Final Cut Pro if you own a Mac. - Adobe products are super, but with a subscription, at the end of the year, too much for just slideshows.

3. Once you start, keep going

Once you have the hang of it, and creating a slideshow is a piece of cake, you will see the need for a little bit of video, thats where the 3rd "need" comes in, a gimbal for your phone. as nice as the stabilizer in your new phone is, when panning across a room the gimbal makes the difference correcting the smoothness of the pass you make.

4. You know you want this one

Maybe you have thought about this next one but a little hesitant to buy it use it for fear of not being able to do it or having the time to learn it. A drone, and not just anyone, you need the DJI Air. the size of your phone, it does what you want it to do, super super steady flight known by anyone that owns a Mavic Pro, the magic air is the drone for realtors. to be able to take some high shots of a property without any help. really! anyone can do it.

You should just go for it, it has been a proven technology as far a DJI goes, other brands have tried to equal, but it seems every time they are getting close, DJI is already miles ahead, but thats another story.

DJI Air was released January 23rd 2018, and reviews started to come out. You’ll find a ton out there, I personally liked Casey Neistat review on youtube in his craziness gives out objective comparisons.

Really, this is to show that even though I am a tech enthusiast, technology is making giant strides to put technology  in everyones hands, I have a Mavic Pro, but still a bit big to carry in your purse or in the glovebox of your car. The Mavic Air, is tiny but as smooth and professional for shooting real estate. 

Our you tube channel is coming out soon and video about this post will follow also, if you like this and more techy info for different professionals, drop us a line, leave a comment. We are open to suggestions, Thank you Reading.



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