Motorized ball valve – How to

This is a motorized ball valve

And the main difference to a solenoid valve is that and actual ball seals the valve, not as the solenoid where an electromagnet pushes a rubber piece to close a pin size hole.

With the later one, found in refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, have one, and run a great risk to have some little grain of sand and have a leak resulting in a major flood.

Thats where this ball valve comes in to play, once it seals it closes fully.


The Baco engineer 1/2",3/4",1'

This valve runs on 12 Volts DC, and CR2 Wireing. a simple relay switch can make great projects.

In my case I installed one at the entrance of the whole house water supply. 2 purposes.

  1. every time I leave my home fro longer than a day, I press my remote and done, water is off. come back in remote again and water is on.
  2. Created water sensors to place under the appliances to trigger the remote, and in case of a leak - all I get is a small puddle of water not a huge damaging flood.


So here is how...

To use a simple lamp timer you need (2) additional 12v DC power supply like this one

and plus that to the timer, the tricky part comes to make it work with the valve. you need a relay. yep more parts

You can buy this this

but you still have to do the circuit.

But you can get the whole circuit ready like this one

Now is a matter of just plugging it in the right way.

So one power supply is switch by the timer and the 12 v supply connects to the relay's power.


And the second  power supply negative pole to the negative of the valve, and the positive to the Com between NC and NO ports of the relay switch. finally the NC goes to OPEN of the valve and NO to the CLOSE of the valve

Electric Ball Valve with timer diagram

any questions email me at

Later on I will show how I did the whole hose shut off with leak detection. Until then... Bye

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