DJI Osmo 2 Vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

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Long story short..... we the DJI Osmo 2 wins. 

Here is why....

Even though the Smooth Q was released almost a year ago, many want to compare, both companies are making great products. But we heve to admit that DJI is making huge strides towards becoming the best, not only in drones but in stabilizing technology with products like the DJI Ronin-M. Still, some people want to know if the Osmo is worth $30.00 more than the Zhiyun Smooth Q.

When looking for a device that you will carry, weight should be an aspect to consider, but the difference here are 40 g. should you be concerned?

If we consider all the other areas to test, 40 g. will become something you wont mind at all.


The tracking speed of the Osmo is considerable faster, when you tap on a face on the screen, Osmo will recognize the face and track it, a technology they have been developing for a while already on their drones, following distinguishable objects. Smooth Q still has bugs and when it finally track you, is not as fast as the Osmo.

Both have a recovery or reset feature, and yes, the Osmo is the winner again, goes back to its starting position faster than the Smooth Q.


And one thing Smooth Q has to fix, maybe they did already, when you turn the joystick sideways, it tilts the phone instead of panning. I can see that to be debatable, because with my drone sometime I have to correct the horizon manually, so thats maybe the reason why Smooth Q has that, but again, they are already implying its going to happen more often than with the Osmo.

DJI Osmo 2 charges in 2 hours vs. 2.5 hrs for the Smooth Q and the battery will last 15 hours on the DJI Osmo 2 vs. 12 hours on the Smooth Q

One nice thing both have is a charging output for your phone, the DJI Osmo 2 - 15 hr mentioned before won't go that far, but still better than the Smooth Q.


Even though Smooth Q comes in 4 different colors and DJI Osmo 2 in only 1, kind of.... who cares..... Osmo is better. Both can turn and shoot vertical for those who like instagram stories or any other reason anyone would like that.

When it comes to the grip, Osmo has done a better job with the ergonomic design, fits great and the buttons are clear and easy to use having a first time user in mind. The buttons feel sturdier and that can handdle a bit more roughness than the Smooth Q.

At the end, this will be a tool that you need to trust and carry everywhere. the quality and reputation of DJI are a strong reason to choose, the Osmo 2, of course next year will be something better, but this will still work and you will have a whole year of super staedy professional looking shots with the DJI Osmo 2.

One nice addition to the Osmo is this simple yet great attachment easy to carry and use your Osmo for a moving time lapse .

You can find it here.