A must have for your phone photography. Lenses

We have seen many cheap options at the store, from $5, but this really comes true, you get what you pay for. The quality of the lens is most of the time reflected on the price.

So how much to spend?

This is one of the Top Choices, Apexel, but have not review it yet, but again for the price and reviews mash up together, seems like a great option.


The next tear up. The Pixter. a bit pricey, cant really tell the difference of the quality of the lens, the attachment method seems a bit better if your phone is without a case and is iPhone, other work, not sure if they adjust as fast. The FishEye is not great, too much distortion . But if your are going for wide angle, just stay with the Pixter.


The macro from Ollo. The OlloClip, if you are into macros. and be ready to pay.

And then, is MOMENT Lenses

You need their phone case, then their lenses, are heavy, great quality, but your gimbal might not be able to counter act the extra weight.

Yes you will spend a pretty penny for these. Really? how much are you going to inconvenience yourself to take macros and telephotos.? by the time you spend this amount and have to carry the extra case with attachments, might as well get a brand new camera. And if you are spending the money, but still want something portable, go for the best point and shoot out there. Does it all. Sony RX100