Is the Mini Split the Answer

This is just a draft.... long story short, this is a wise investment, rather than a window unit, looks bad, sounds bad, and the other alternative to replace you entire home A/C.

The mini Split is the way to go.

Later on we will include the how to install.

We recommend a few more items for your installation

Hopefully you have one, if not, borrow one, or buy it. You need a vacuum pump. The unit will last what it suppose to last, otherwise you are setting up yourself for failure and replacing or repairing the unit sooner than you think.

Ductless Mini Split System charging vacuum port adapter, Converts new R410a style 5/16 SAE service ports to accept older 1/4 SAE gauge hoses.

This one helps with your copper fittings.

Nylog Gasket/Thread Sealant

Brackets to install the outside unit against the wall

We have not use one of these adapters yet, but seems like a good idea. If you have used it, please let us know your experience. Thank you