Things we repaired

Phone screens

iPhone 5S

Once we repaired the first iPhone 3s, the phones after that came with much easier ways to open. Repair is relatively simple but you have to be careful.

It really helps to have one of this mats

Whole House Electronic Valve


Motorized Valve

This is a project we are working on, having a water (spill) sensor trigger a switch to shut off the water of the entire house, that way a possible catastrophy, is just a puddle .


So we were able to remove the motor casing and wiring, buy a song complete valve, and then just replace the motor casing so we did not have to shut of water, cut pipe, and make a major repair, was pretty simple.

Front Door Shot Twilight

Slide Show – Content Comparison

By Otto Streinesberger | November 21, 2017

Same quality Video but…. See the difference when photos are not taken professionally 1201 NE 145th Ave We are happy…